The Aquinian

We had a reporter, Cesar Camacho write a very nice article about us for STU’s online news outlet, the Aquinian, we might not be able to share it on socials, but we can share it here, have a read! And next year, come to Enbicon and see for yourself!

Enbicon 2023 Huge Success!

Well, maybe not huge, but we’re pretty proud of it. 96 Attendees, happy ones we assume, all the games that were supposed to play got played, and there were a few folks brave enough to try our play to win games as well as some impromptu MTG play over by the Comic Hunter Table most […]

Charity Game Auction

Enbicon Charity Game Auction submission form is now live. Auction will be held Saturday at 7 pm. Direct link is here, also available on the menu above.

Enbicon Badges and Player Registration Begins!

(Finally!!) Badge Sales are open!!2023 Pricing: Weekend Pass at the Door – $27.50 (CDN) Weekend Pass Early Bird (via online) – $25 (CDN) Day Pass – $20 (CDN) Family Weekend Pass – $90 (CDN) (2 Adults, 2 children 16 or under). Remember that the prices you see on Tabletop Events are in USD and reflect […]

Enbicon Banner

Do you worry that you’ll arrive at the venue and not be able to find where the Games are at? Worry no longer, simply look for our shiny new banner to guide your way! Special Thanks to Kiers Marketing Ask for Graphic Designer Manuel Peters! Thanks so much for this lovely design!

Last Minute Event Submissions

Want to run a game at Enbicon? There’s still time to enter your submissions, but tickets go on sale soon and slots will start filling up! Submit Here!

Merch Update

Enbicon 2023 T-shirts are available for ordering!! S-XL are $18 2XL=5XL are $21.50 Order Form Here.

Convention Games Part 3 – Taking part in a Convention

Every year it is someone’s first year attending a convention and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.  So consider this as a friendly guide to how to get the most out of convention attendance.  This is by no means a policy guide or anything of that nature, just tips of things to do in […]

Convention(al) Horror

Since we’ve been telling stories to each other, we’ve been telling scary stories. It only makes sense that sometimes when engaging in all of the many tabletop, collaborative storytelling games that we continue that tradition. There’s a unique exhilaration of being afraid, or of being brought into a narrative enough that you feel second hand […]

Prepping a Convention RPG session

When you’re getting ready to run a game of your favorite TTRP at a convention, what and how you prep is different in some fundamental ways from prepping for your regularly scheduled group.  Trying new games is a big part of why many people attend a gaming convention like Enbicon and doing everything possible to […]